Our school “Educational Organisation Themistoklis S.A.” is situated in Piraeus, the main port of Greece near Athens.  It is a primary and secondary private school, which has 550 students and 28 teachers. We have students from other countries with different cultures.
 The motto of our school is “Culture – Education - Virtue”.  In the frame of our work we work on programs about theatre, arts, protection of the environment. Our students’ families are very close to the school and help us in all our projects. They also organise every year a big charity bazaar.   The aim of our organization is to support, across all sectors, awareness-raising about environmental and climate-change challenges.  communicate with children, to teach them the moral, to help them to be interested in Environmental and climate change, to become active citizens. 
 Education in our school is a soul deposit! We have visions, goals, plans, planning. We offer comprehensive, systematic, ascetic treatment. Every child has a mind, has a heart, has hands, can make a better self, a more beautiful world.