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A list of keywords to help teachers and students get more familiarized with the Biodiversity context.
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This report is the result of an international research in 4 countries of the SUSTAIN project: Spain, Greece, Germany and the Netherlands. A total of 87 teachers from 41 different European schools participated in this research. The questionnaire reveals the current knowledge of the teachers and will help to develop the Manual based on the target group’s needs. 


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The Teachers' Manual
This Teacher’s Manual aims to introduce the topic of biodiversity loss and its connection to air pollution causes. The main recipients will be school teachers that are in a position to transmit this knowledge to their students aged 9-12 years old.
The Minecraft Game
A digitilized method for environmental education, via the game Minecraft. The game aims to train teachers in digital technology for educational purposes and to actively engage students in environmental issues.

Translated versions of our Teacher's Manual

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